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Structural Engineering / PE Stamping
FEA Analysis
CFD Analysis
Rotor Dynamics Analysis
Damage Tolerance Analysis
Fatigue Life Calculation - Minors Rule
BGA - Viscoplastic analysis
Legacy Data Transfer
  VES has licensed Structural Engineers (SE) and Mechanical Professional Engineers (PE) to certify the structural calculations per ASME pressure vessel codes, ASCE/CBC/IBC seismic building codes, Design of industrial round and rectangular ducts per SMACNA Standards, API Code for pipe and pump design, AWS code.  
  VES professionals can check the hand calculations against CAE tools and optimize the design without compromising the minimum code requirement by State. We are certified in more than 20 states in the USA and 3 countries worldwide:
  • Preliminary sizing of the frames. equipment, chassis, connections, fastener joints, air systems, heating systems based on operating conditions, with a Licensed PE stamp.
  • Design of equipments for ASCE and CBC Seismic Codes, ASME boilers and pressure vessels standards, with a Licensed PE stamp.
  • Structural substantiation of equipment and its parts using FEA/CFD techniques and check the rigidity of the structure.
  • Fracture mechanics analysis of the casting parts, injection molding parts, and predict its ability to meet the operating conditions.
  • High Cycle Fatigue Analysis of rotors, rotating parts, high speed spindles with the aid of Finite Element Analysis approach.
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis of process chambers, boilers, pressure vessels with the aid of Finite Element Analysis approach.
  • Damage Tolerance Analysis of parts subject to heavy vibrations with the aid of Finite Element Analysis approach, and to predict the life of the part after crack initiation.
  • Help clients in getting certification of products based on different standards and country norms.
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