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  VES constantly focused on offering Innovative Engineering Solutions from concept design through Manufacturing with specialization in Stress analysis of components and assemblies based on Finite Element Methods, Vibration Analysis and Rotor Dynamics Analysis, Structural Engineering and PE stamping, Seismic Analysis and PE stamping, Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, software development for special applications.  
VES Professionals have more than two decades of experience in solving complex Engineering Projects for the following Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Information Technology and Software development, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Industries, Paper and Pulp, Heavy Engineering, Oil and Pipe Engineering, Power and Energy, Civil Structures and Steel Industries, Computer Hardware, Consumer Appliances, Medical devices Industries and many more.
Legacy Data Transfer Engineering   CAD / CAM Engineering
Structural Engineering / PE Stamping   Finite Element Analysis
CFD analysis   Rotor Dynamics Analysis
Mechanism Design and Analysis   CAD Customization
Software Development    
  Supporting Industries
  Consumer Appliances
  Medical Device
  Heavy Engineering
  Paper and Pulp Industries
  Power and Energy
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