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Steady state thermal analysis of Chip sets
Transient thermal stress analysis of process chambers
Electronics cooling using CFD approach
Transient CFD analysis of process chambers and identify the accurate heat transfer co-efficient
Crack induced BGA solder analysis
BGA - Viscoplastic analysis
Legacy Data Transfer
  Semiconductor industries are always leaders in technology advancements which demand hi speed and high resolution techniques. To keep pace and meet 5G products and process, semiconductor manufacturers focus on reliable wafer fabrication equipment, better chip sets and PCB boards with minimal heat.
  We offer engineering solutions for the following major domains:
Structural substantiation of wafer fabrication equipments
  • Concept designs, detailed design, FEA and CFD analysis of Plasma etch chambers and its equipment, Wafer cleaning process equipment and Dielectric etch process chambers.
  • Thermal/structural analysis
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Fatigue life calculation and creep analysis of plasma chambers
  • Fracture mechanics analysis to predict crack propagation and life.

Electronics cooling Engineering

  • System level design and FEA/CFD based analysis of Entertainment devices, laptops, cell phones, chassis design and optimization, and many more
  • Package level design and FEA/CFD analysis for integrated Chip sets, PCB boards, mother boards, graphics cards, etc
  • Micro level design and FEA/CFD analysis (BGA solder balls and solder bumps)

Reliability Engineering using FEA approach

  • To predict the life or root cause failure analysis of BGA Solder Balls and solder bumps using visco-plastic FEA analysis approach in consideration of Creep strain accumulation and thermal gradient effects. It can be achieved by doing Creep analysis based on field operating conditions and life is calculated based on the Fatigue life equations (Darveaux method)
  • Delimitation and adhesive bonding strength analysis of composites
  • Temperature mini cycling tests
  • Drop tests / Crash and Shock tests of integrated chip sets, PCB boards- Explicit approach
  • Random Vibration analysis
  Supporting Services
  Legacy Data transfer Engineering
  CAD/CAM Engineering
  Structural Engineering / PE Stamping
  Finite Element Analysis
  CFD analysis
  Rotor dynamics analysis
  Mechanism Design and Analysis
  CAD Customization
  Software Development
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