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Welcome to VISTA Group of Companies!
A Journey has many Milestones.

VISTA celebrates 12 Years of journey with the Commitment towards the Highest Standards of Business Ethics.
Our focus is on People & Customer Satisfaction.
March 2023


Technology Staffing


VISTA celebrates 12 Years of journey with the Commitment towards the Highest Standards of Business Ethics.
March 2023

- Digital Workforce Transformation
- Team management remotely anywhere and any device
- Data security and vulnerability production
- Process Automation
- Contract Staffing
- Temporary Staffing / AUG Staffing
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- CLOUD Solution - Software application and Development
- CLOUD Migration
- Data Science and Data Analytics
- CLOUD Automation
- Cyber Security
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- Annotation Services
- Managed Services
- SAP Support and Implementation Services
- PLM Support Services
- Advanced FEA and CFD Services
- Structural Engineering & PE Stamping
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- ODC - Offshore Development Center Services
- Nearshore Data Center and Beyond
- Network Modernization
- Data Center management
- Data Mobility and Production
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VISTA is a Global Digital Engineering and Technology Staffing company with a broad portfolio of services by delivering value to our global Clients through multi-domain and cross - Industry capabilities.

VISTA has recognized for its quality commitment and data-driven practices, sustainability, and corporate ownership in every business model we deliver.


We strive to be the most trusted supplier for all our customers

We understand the needs of our customer and offer best-in-class and innovative Technology staffing solutions by uniting technology, current trends and experience. Our team has customer focus and ensuring a long-lasting relationship with. everyone we associate with


Technology Staffing Solutions | Engineering and Digital transformation leaders

Technology Staffing | Engineering | SE / PE Stamping | Annotation | SAP | Digital | IT / ITES

CLOUD Transformation

Accelerate your performance through CLOUD technologies with VISTA


Recognized as expansive player and most preferred vendor

Data Annotation | Data Reduction | LiDAR & RADAR | Key Point | POSE | 2D & 3D Bounding Box | Semantic Segmentation


Position to be a leaders in CAE and PLM Engineering business


Jigs & Fixture

Sheet metal & Casting

Advanced FEA & CFD

Rapid prototyping & Tooling

Structural Engineering

Reliability Engineering

Reverse Engineering

SE / PE Stamping

PE Certified to more than 35 states in USA and completed structural engineering and installation projects for 18 countries

Seismic Lateral Loads | Seismic Anchor Design & PE Stamping | Hilti Program | Construction Detailing | Structural Substantiation for Seismic loads | ASME Sec 8 Div 1 and 2

VISTA – one stop shops for your entire Digital Engineering and IT implementation and Engineering needs

Latest openings in Technology

Boston, MA United States

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Portland, ME United States

Portland, ME United States



Come to VISTA to do the best work, with the best teams and truly be at your best.

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