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Digital Engineering and Digital Transformation is a journey driven by innovation at work and largely dependent on digital enablement using technology that is scalable, flexible, smart, and modular approach. At VISTA, we have a team of experts with vast experience in engineering tools enabled with Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, IOT and AI practices and develop unique customer experience.

VISTA has got vast experience in next-generation Computer Aided Engineering Solutions including.

Advanced Physics simulation

Reliability Engineering

Product Lifecyle Management

High performance Computing

Embedded Engineering

Software engineering for customized applications


VISTA professionals have more than 8 million Man hours in Computer Aided Design tools i.e. Pro/E, Solid works, CATIA, Uni-graphics, Inventor and many more. Our team of Qualified Engineers can lead and assist our customers to upgrade their old files into latest CAD packages.

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We migrate the following:

Conversion from Handmade drawings to 2D CAD drawings/3D models
Convert the scanned point cloud data from CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring machines) / Cyclone laser scan into 2D surface / 3D models
Convert 2D drawings (AutoCAD, pdf, JPEG, Aperture card, etc formats) into high end 3D CAD tools.
Upgrade 2D drawings from lower end CAD software to high end CAD software
Upgrade 3D models from lower end CAD software to high end CAD software
Update Engineering Change order, Bill of Material data
Upgrade the revision and manufacturing comments on the drawings


VISTA provides high end CAD/CAM solutions for the entire product development cycle with extended service up to manufacturing stage.

VISTA provides high end CAD/CAM solutions for the entire product development cycle with extended service up to manufacturing stage.

We are involved with our clients proactively in all stages of the project with the capabilities to successfully perform the following:

Design of special purpose machines and prepare 3D models at system level, sub-system level and component level.

Design of Industrial Round ducts and Rectangular ducts per SMACNA Standards, design of vents, panels, sheet metal.

Design of frames, beams, brackets, lifting lugs, flanges, joints, pipes, sole plates.

Design of equipments based on concept level information.

Design of Jigs and Fixtures.

Prepare fabrication drawings for all the design works.

Vendor development for each of the parts designed by VES.

Generate the CNC codes for all kinds of control systems.


VISTA professionals have more than 20 million man hours work experience with commercial Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools i.e ANSYS, WORK BENCH, NASTRAN, and ABAQUS. VES specialized meshing teams can generate high quality grids suitable for explicit crash simulation, hyper elastic applications, post buckling simulations and many more based on industry specific standards.

VISTA experts can handle FEA projects in the following domains:

  • Static linear and non linear Structural Analysis.
  • Simulation of Pre bolt Tensioning Analysis.
  • Hyper Elastic Analysis of O-rings, Seals, Gaskets and Tires.
  • Simulation of Solder joint cracks due to the accumulation of Creep and fatigue cyclic loads.
  • Modal Vibration Analysis.
  • Durability- Random Vibration Analysis.
  • Dynamic response analysis of structures, PCB boards.
  • FEA based Seismic lateral load analysis- using PSD (Power Spectral density) approach.
  • Steady state and transient thermal analysis of
    1. mechanical equipment, pressure vessels, steam turbines, combustion chambers, burners
    2. PCB boards, Chips and dies, solder balls
  • Thermal stress analysis


VISTA professionals have more than 20 million man hours work experience with CFX, FLUENT, CF Design, and STAR CD tools. Our dedicated meshing teams can generate high quality grids suitable for Compressible Turbulent Flow, Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis, Flame and Combustion Simulation based on industry specific standards.

VISTA experts can handle CFD projects in the following domains:

  • Steady State and transient flow CFD Analysis
  • Incompressible and Compressible Flow analysis
  • Flow analysis using different Turbulent Methods
  • Rotating Flow / Frame / multi frame flow analysis
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis
  • Combustion & Species transport / Particle Tracking
  • Fluid Mixture Modeling
  • Injection/ Chemical reaction modeling and Analysis
  • Chemical Reaction Modeling
  • Multi-component & Multiphase
  • Cavitations / Radiation / Porous Modeling


VISTA Professionals have both Theory and Testing knowledge in solving complex Rotor Dynamics Applications. We have solved Rotor spins up to 95,000 Rpm, and matched lateral frequency with test data in the order of +/- 2 Hz.

We have performed analysis of rotating equipment weighing more than 25,000 Kilo grams with rotation up to 1800 rpm.

VISTA works with the following Industries:

Turbine Industry

Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Industry

Vertical turbine pumps Industry

CNC machines – high speed spindles Industry

Home appliances Industry


VISTA Professionals have extensive experience in kinematics and kinetics of rigid and flexible body Analysis including static force analysis, dynamic force analysis, and velocity & acceleration calculations by using mechanism design simulation tools.

This allows VISTA clients to identify member forces, define different loads cases, pre-size the product based on worst case load condition.


VISTA Professionals have experience in CAD customization using software programs including C/C++/VC++, FORTRAN, TCL/TK. The customized front end window allows non technical users to run advanced programs which will atomize the execution part by minimal inputs.

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