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Conjugate heat transfer analysis of Heat exchangers
Baffle optimization of domestic boilers
Electronics cooling using CFD approach
Flow analysis based Industrial Fan design, development and optimization
Blood flow analysis of internal organs
Transient CFD analysis of process chambers and identify the accurate heat transfer co-efficient
  VES professionals have more than 100,000 man hours work experience with CFX, FLUENT, CF Design, and STAR CD tools. Our dedicated meshing teams can generate high quality grids suitable for Compressible Turbulent Flow, Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis, Flame and Combustion Simulation based on industry specific standards.  
  VES experts can handle CFD projects in the following domains:
  • Steady State and transient flow CFD Analysis
  • Incompressible and Compressible Flow analysis
  • Flow analysis using different Turbulent Methods
  • Rotating Flow / Frame / multi frame flow analysis
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis
  • Combustion & Species transport / Particle Tracking
  • Fluid Mixture Modeling
  • Injection/ Chemical reaction modeling and Analysis
  • Chemical Reaction Modeling
  • Multi-component & Multiphase
  • Cavitations / Radiation / Porous Modeling


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