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Brake squeal simulation of automotive brakes
Conjugate heat transfer analysis of Heat exchangers
Legacy Data Transfer
  Automotive industry is an ever booming industry with escalating market demands which challenges manufacturers to come out with new products within short spans of time, better and smoother performance, high quality ergonomics, with reduced cost.
  VES attitude of applying engineering philosophy’s across the industries and domains supports our valued automotive clients to involve us in various stages starting from concept level design through manufacturing.  
  We have been successfully working with the following vehicles:
  • Passenger cars
  • Sports utility vehicles
  • Heavy and light commercial vehicles
  • Lawn movers
  • Snow plow vehicles
  • Military tankers and many more.
  Supporting Services
  Legacy Data transfer Engineering
  CAD/CAM Engineering
  Structural Engineering / PE Stamping
  Finite Element Analysis
  CFD analysis
  Rotor dynamics analysis
  Mechanism Design and Analysis
  CAD Customization
  Software Development
  Our multi dimensioned lateral thinking allows us to support the following disciplines:
  • Design and analysis of manual steering, mechanical power steering, electrical assisted/electronics power steering.
  • Explicit side impact / crash dynamic analysis of exterior skin.
  • Design and analysis of brakes and minimizing its squealing effect
  • Design and analysis of seating systems
  • Design and analysis of universal joints, propeller shaft assembly
  • Design and analysis vibration studies of chassis system
  • Design and vibration analysis of engine system
  • Mechanism design and analysis of wipers, power windows, power seats, and pneumatic assisted door lifts
  • Design and Analysis of reinforced tires and many more
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