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Shock and random vibration analysis of air frame structure and landing gears
Rotor dynamic analysis of mixer tubs
Aircraft Doublers/skins damage tolerance analysis
Legacy Data Transfer
  Aero space industries are constantly innovating spectacular interiors, increased engine speed, reduced maintenance cost, customize VIP aircrafts and more activities in turn end up with safety issues and stipulate structural substantiation and validation before it goes into mass production.
  We offer the following solutions:
  • Air frame structures including fuselage, wings, landing gears, etc
  • Aero engines and high speed rotor dynamics
  • Interiors include partition walls, seats, doors, etc
  • Material Science Engineering
  Supporting Services
  Legacy Data transfer Engineering
  CAD/CAM Engineering
  Structural Engineering / PE Stamping
  Finite Element Analysis
  CFD analysis
  Rotor dynamics analysis
  Mechanism Design and Analysis
  CAD Customization
  Software Development
  Our Aero space team has been working with many major air structure manufacturing companies, and trained for structural substantiation techniques, meshing criterions, FEA and CFD analysis standards.
  We play a major role in executing the following projects and save invaluable human life and money:
  • Airframe Structural analysis on transport category aircraft, including but not limited to aircraft structural modification designs, integration of avionics systems, Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) work, and certification plans and substantiation report development.
  • Perform structural analysis for passenger category aircraft / Euro copter structures includes electronics circuit enclosures, brackets, partition wall, mounting brackets, etc as per FAR standards
  • Extensive experience in using FAR standards, RTCA DO-160E Sections, MIL-HDBK-5
  • DADT- Durability and Damage tolerance analysis of doublers and skin panels, fracture mechanics analysis of crack induced panels, fatigue life calculation (low cycle / high cycle), composite material modeling, etc.
  • Durability random vibration analysis of landing gears
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